The Twelve Mastery Teachings of Christ

In the Fall of 2003, Reverend Lea Chapin began to receive divinely inspired messages from Jesus Christ. These teachings are known as the true essence of Christ’s teachings.


For the past forty years there has been a movement known as the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Enlightenment. This movement is literally the energy of the Christ consciousness that people have been seeking. The Twelve Master Teachings of Christ is a handbook and instructional guide to help those who have chosen to become living examples of the Christ teachings.


There have been many avatars, prophets and messengers of the universal teachings of God. However, the most recent avatar was Christ. In our modern day society, people are craving for higher spiritual meaning and higher purpose in their lives. Particularly during these troubled times, humanity is suffering and is spiritually bankrupt. Those who are in need of spiritual guidance will benefit from this book. This is not a religious book; it is intended for those true spiritual seekers who wish to help this planet and humanity ascend into the vibrational frequency of love. The sole purpose of this book is to enlighten all to their spiritual divinity and to prepare the way for the Second Coming of Christ en masse. The Mayan, Egyptian and Hopi prophesies have foretold of the time when we as a human race were to be reawakened to a state of self-mastery and spiritual enlightenment, thus allowing the entire human race to evolve into the Christ consciousness frequency of Love, while in physical bodies. This handbook brings forth the true essence of Christ teachings so that we may become physical/spiritual beings embodied in human form, thus becoming Christed Beings of Light, in essence, the Second Coming of Christ en masse.


This book is a powerful teaching manual that simplifies this process while providing guidance and instruction to those who have spiritually lost their way, and who may be in need of guidance during this great time of spiritual evolutionary change. The Twelve Mastery Teachings of Christ is unique and invaluable learning tool whose purpose is to help transform the lower vibrational frequencies of human kind into a higher state of loving consciousness. Mankind has been suppressed throughout the ages, and it is Christ’s desire to give hope and inspiration for all who are willing to life their hearts and their eyes to the higher vibrational frequencies of love. As you read this book, allow Christ’s healing power of love to fill your heart as it is has mine!


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The Christ Messages channeled by Lea Chapin a few years ago, have been nothing short of a miracle and have really been the only true vibration of healing energy that I have experienced over the years.  These tapes are nothing short of remarkable as the words are encoded with a healing energy or vibration that one cannot ignore. Within a few mins. of listening,  I go into a deep altered state of relaxation, peace and energy starts to shift within me.  I feel movements that are very hard to put into words in my energy field and even within my brain.  I am able to experience colors, bright white light, deep exhalation breathing and release of that which does not serve me. These tapes are healing, in the sense that, even though there are words attached to them, you become not really aware so much of the words, but rather more focused on the healing energy of the words and of her voice. Only you can experience it because it is a life altering experience and you know then, that the Christ Consciousness exists and YOU CAN FEEL IT THROUGHOUT YOUR BEING.  There is no denying that a peace comes over you, a stillness and a release of blockages occurs.   I can't say enough how much these tapes have assisted me in releasing  grief, sadness, fear and to feel the true essence of love and not to look for that feeling from others but to FEEL IT within the self.  Thank you Lea for being a true and real vessel for these beautiful messages to come through the earthly plane to assist others.        
                                                                                                                                                                                                   JC -- Vancouver, BC






I didn't even open the book. I held it in my hands and felt the soft vibration of Love...the presence of Jesus. As I read each teaching, I felt the essence of Jesus in the words. I would read the same teaching over and over and each time received a different truth, a different lesson. And always love. For me, His teaching have brought forth the true understanding of loving self first, then sharing this love with your partner, your family and all of humanity. Bless you, Lea Chapin, for bringing these teachings to the world.                                                                                                       Martha--ME/FL




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