How Can Spiritual Healing & Channeled Guidance Work for Me?

Emotions and Your Body -- ​We all carry emotional baggage to varying degrees, painful childhood memories, grief over the loss of a loved one, the devastation of a marriage or relationaship break up, the trauma of physical or sexual violation. Who has not suffered rejection, betrayal, hardship, failure, shame, longing, guilt, loss of self-esteem or sorrow to some degree?  It takes a great deal of energy to store emotional /mental pain than it does to acknowledge it. The stress and effort of trying to control our emotional baggage eventually takes its toll on us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It seems it is a rather high emotional price to pay to hold onto people, situations and emotions that are of no positive value in one's life. As one begins to learn to forgive and let go and let God, rather than holding on to the pain and self-righteousness, emotional healing can occur on all levels. Spiritual guidance helps in this process of healing on all levels.


Reverend Lea ... A Direct Voice Channel for Spirit


In 1993, Reverend Lea began to receive divinely inspired messages from the Ascended Masters and the Celestial/Angelic Realm. Through telepathic spiritual guidance, the Ascended Masters and the Celestial Angelic Realm work through Rev. Lea. She allows spirits to guide and direct her to counsel her clients by helping them make peace with their past, shift their perceptions and consciousness in order to forgive themselves and others, thus allowing a powerful healing transformation to occur on all levels. In summary, Rev. Lea’s work helps her clients to heal from life’s challenges in order to live a more joy-filled and peaceful life! Her work truly awakens renewed self-awareness, insight and clarity for manifesting and co-creating your abundant life with a solid spiritual connection. 


Her role as a coach and spiritual advisor is to bridge the physical and spiritual world in order for people to understand how spirituality truly intertwines with our physical being. Since we are more than our physical self, my role is to help clients understand that there is a higher perspective to their life’s challenges that can be understood through spiritual guidance. Lea has devoted her life to the enhancement of her spiritual gifts and to helping empower others to awaken to their divine essence. She incorporates practical spirituality with her traditional mental health training and education to help people cope with their own mental and emotional life challenges so that they may have more peace and joy, harmony and balance. Practical spirituality is a powerful tool and she has helped change many lives and has served as a spiritual counselor to others on the path to intuitive development, personal power, awareness and healing. Rev. Lea guides and counsels individuals and groups in seminars, workshops and private sessions throughout the U.S. as she shares her Celestial Teachings and messages as a gifted speaker, educator and author of the Celestial Realm. 


How Does Channeled Guidance Work?

Reverend Lea is clairaudient (hearing), claircognizant (knowing), clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentinent (sensing) and clairolfaction (smelling). In simple terms, she is able to raise her vibrations to a higher level of spiritual consciousness to access the messages and teachings from the Ascended Masters/Celestial Angelic Realm and is a versatile universal channel for her Celestial Brothers and Sisters. These magnificent beings connect to Rev. Lea telepathically as they bring their teachings and messages through her psychic gifts of the five clairs. Reverend Lea is a direct voice channel for spirit as she is an oracle bringing forth the messages from spirit to help assist her clients in having a greater spiritual understanding of their life challenges and issues. Reverend Lea brings spiritual wisdom to her clients as she helps them to shift their consciousness so that they may live their lives with a greater level of ease and understanding of their life issues.




Lea is the pinnacle of spiritual counselors. I began working with Lea in 2010 with channelings and spiritual guidance. The results have far exceeded my expectations and have fully opened me up spiritually. I recommend all who seek spiritual guidance and counseling to schedule a reading or counseling session with Lea Chapin. Lea is also a psychic remote viewer and I highly recommend that if you have a missing family member to contact Lea for assistance in locating your loved one! Her results are remarkable!

                   Bonnie — Mackinaw, IL




Since 1994 I have worked with Lea Chapin as a healer and spiritual teacher. In 2000, I was blessed to be introduced to Kryon, through Lea’s classes and channeled messages. My experience with Kryon’s teaching has been on of great spiritual expansion. I have grown greatly from these lessons, awakening my own channeling abilities. Through Kryon and Lea, I have gained great personal insight and a better understanding of my own potential, spiritual strength and abilities. Listen to Kryon’s message and you will be filled with understanding, inner knowledge and joyful laughter. I, myself, look forward to a lifetime of learning, growing and achieveing through Lea’s teaching and Kryon’s guidance and blessings.”                                       Kathleen — IL




I have personally experienced Jesus Christ’s healing power of love while I was visiting in Florida during the Christmas holidays. I was scheduled to have surgery in mid-January to remove three large ovarian cysts. The doctor monitored the growth of the ovarian cyst for months. Each month the ultrasound showed that the cysts were growing. Lea asked if I wanted to have a healing session through Jesus Christ and He asked me if I wanted to heal my ‘gourds.’ My response was ‘Yes, please.’ I returned home from my Florida trip and on January 6h had a final scheduled ultrasound just prior to the surgery date January 17th. This ultrasound report indicated that the ovaries were normal and that the three cysts has dissolved, so therefore, my surgery was not necessary. In addition to this miracle healing, Lea has helped me with numerous personal intuitive readings regarding many life issues.”
                                 Deborah — MA




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