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Tap into your psychic and spiritual abilities and empower yourself through a guided/channeled journey.  These journey's are beautifully channeled through Lea Chapin for sacred space is created for you to have a beautiful spiritual experience. Empower yourself and meet your personal guides, higher self, angels, receive spiritual gifts, experience a past life, a healing and more.


Lea Chapin is a gentle, loving and supportive inspirational teacher, motivational speaker, psychic medium, and author. She is available for private coaching, workshops, classes, retreats and conferences focused on personal and spiritual growth. Lea speaks to private groups, organizations and corporate events. She can custom tailor classes to fit the needs of your group, some can even be set up as teleconference classes or through Skype/web cam. These workshops are enlightening, entertaining and experiential and Lea will lead you on a journey of self-discovery and healing. 

Kryon’s Universal Light & Peace Grid Activation Workshop—
Kryon & Mother Earth as channeled by Lea Chapin


This workshop is designed for all light workers who truly desire to be re-awakened and aligned to their life’s purpose and planetary mission. In the year 2005, the call was sent out by Kryon to awaken and activate the Individual Peace Grid of all Light workers to the Universal Peace Grid of Mother Earth. Kryon’s message: “Humanity has now risen far enough in consciousness to be vibrationally aligned to the Universal Light and Peace Grid over Mother Earth.” Our true spiritual mission as Light workers is to hold the vibrational frequency of Peace, Love, and Light for Mother Earth, as she returns back to her true vibrational frequency of Love during these troubled times. Our world is evolving and changing...we only have to observe what is going on round us to know that the changes are accelerating at an amazing pace. We are in the midst of the greatest spiritual shift we have ever experienced. You, as a human being are evolving and changing in direct correspondence with this. You have a new energy-field that is emerging and taking shape. One that will support you in this process, helping to maintain balance and integrate this new energy gracefully and helping you throughout the shift. This energy field is a personal grid structure that anchors, aligns, calibrates and integrates more of your essence to hold it within the physical body.  Through the anchoring of this energy field, your sacred heart connection is brought to life and strengthened, enabling you to embody a higher vibration of heart energy. Your transformation is accelerated, core energy is increased, intuition is enhanced and the ability to hold greater frequencies of light is profoundly increased. Your being is held in a space of balance, giving you the ability to navigate all that life brings with less stress and with greater purpose. If your spiritual mission is to assist others, the anchoring and alignment process will enhance and amplify one’s healing ability as you are in direct alignment to your physical and spiritual mission. This workshop can be formatted for a group or individually. Cost is $175.00 per person.  Additional educational tools to prepare yourself for this workshop:

The book, Many Are Called, Few Are Chosen by Dr. Heather Ann Harder (available on
Kryon’s CD Imagine: A World Filled With Peace by Rev. Lea Chapin

Change & New Beginnings — a NEW teleconference series

  • Are You Feeling Emotionally Stuck?

  • Examine Your Core Beliefs That Keep You in Limited Thinking, Lack & Fear


Jeshua is blessing us with His special teachings --- for 2014 is the year of Change & New Beginnings --- as we shift from the energies of 2012, our human frequency, ego and lower vibrational energies must ascend with the higher vibrational frequencies of the new Earth. Jeshua will speak about our limiting core beliefs that keep us tied to the third dimension and His gift to each of us is to awaken our frequencies to the powerful universal laws of attraction that is our birthright. Cost for this 4 week class is $75. Sit in the comfort of your own home and join me as this class will be taught as a one-hour teleconference call for 4 weeks. To register contact Lea Chapin at or call 727-580-3016. 

Intuitive Development: Tap Into Your Spiritual Abilities—

Empower Yourself Through A Guided Journey

2-Hour Beginner’s Workshop:  Tap into your spiritual abilities and empower yourself through a guided journey.  These journey's are beautifully channeled through Lea Chapin for sacred space is created for you to have a beautiful spiritual experience. Empower yourself and meet your personal guides, higher self, angels, receive spiritual gifts, experience a past life, includes a healing and more . . . for both beginners and those who are more advanced. Cost of this workshop is $45.00.


6-Week Advanced Workshop:   A 6-week class (can also be formatted as a teleconference) to learn how to develop your intuitive abilities in order to connect with your higher self, personal guides, angels and master teachers. This 6-week class is for those who wish to enhance their psychic abilities and explore beyond the beginner’s class. You will learn how to access your greatest spiritual abilities and use them in your daily life. We will discuss the use of automatic handwriting, channeling, and use of pendulums. During the class you will learn to distinguish between your own mental mind vs. your own intuition as well as connecting to your personal guides and master teachers. Each week builds on a continuum of development, therefore, it is important that attendees participate in all 6 weeks. Cost for this workshop is $40 per class or $240.00 for entire 6 week class to be pre-paid.


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