In 2010, Mother Earth Spoke on The Gulf Oil Spill

Channeled by Reverend Lea Chapin - An Excerpt


Mother Earth Speaks About the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill. The Oil Spill has been on many of your minds. I, Mother Earth would like to share with you that all is well and all is in divine order. I would like to reassure all of you who are in fear to understand that this Divine Catatalystic Event was allowed to occur  for purpose and good by the DIVINE CREATOR and ME, MOTHER EARTH. The purpose of this mass oil spill was to spur an awakening and momentum of the Mass Christ Consciousness awakening across the entire planet on a mass scale. I, MOTHER EARTH suggest that you do not allow the latest incidents to distraction you from your light missions but instead use it to build unity consciousness for all of humanity and for all of creation.  I, Mother Earth suggest that all of humanity hold the vision of peace, love and light for My Universal Peace  and Light Grid. I ask, do not get caught up or consumed by fear. Understand that you  as well so many beings of light are bonding together to hold universal peace and love as you place your attention and your power on the healing liquid light of The Golden Elixir of Life. This powerful Elixir of the Golden Healing Light will heal the waters of the Gulf and all the ecosystems and all of creation. I, Mother Earth have reached a crossroad and there is no turning back for each of you or on the Golden Path to Ascension as so too am I. The cataclysmic lessons of the Gulf Spill will trigger a mass awakening of the Golden Age of Enlightenment. I Mother Earth ask you to take a stand and come forth in faith, courage and love and claim all that you are and all that you shall be! For now is the time that I, Mother Earth ask you to assist me in my Ascension process as well as Ascension process of all of humanity and all of  creation. AND SO IT IS!



*Mother Earth had channeled through Reverend Lea Chapin that there would be a hurricane that would come and help clean up the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and during the 8-week teleconference, indeed the hurricane did come and cleaned up the majority of the oil. This entire 8-week series is available FREE to you for download.

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