Much of Rev. Lea's work is documented through recordings and transcription

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KryonImagine                              "A World Filled                                     With Peace"                                

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In 2001, Kryon brought his message Imagine "A World Filled With Peace" to a live audience in Moline, Illinois through Rev. Lea Chapin. Kryon's message is simple, yet profound: "Time is of the essence as there is no time to waste." Kryon speaks of the urgency for humanity to return to the principles and universal laws of God, in order for peace to prevail upon planet earth. Allow yourself to receive Kryon's gift to humanity as he awakens and activates your hearts to: "Be Peace, Live Peace and Embody Peace in Troubled Times."

  The Blessed Mother 
    An Evening In Chicago


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In 2003, The Blessed Mother brought forth Her compassionate and merciful heart to a live audience in Chicago, IL through Rev. Lea Chapin.On this CD, The Blessed Mother brings forth Her message: "The time of Great Awakening has now arrived. Three fourths of humanity must return to a harmonious and balanced state of peace in order for peace to prevail upon planet earth." During the live event, streams of healing energy were felt throughout the audience as hearts were opened to the magnificent energy of Divine Mother Love. Allow yourself to also receive the Blessed Mother's gift of divine healing and allow Her Love, compassion, and mercy to touch your heart and transform your life. 


Sunnuna • The Angel of Giving

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Sunnuna is an angel from the Family of Man. She is known as the Angel of Giving. Her gift to mankind is the gift of love. Her radiant presence exudes peace, love, wisdom, strength, and truth. Divine truth is portrayed through the eyes of the incredible being. Her magnificence is mesmerizing to those who truly “see” her beauty. Her beauty is the divine presence in all of mankind. She represents the divine god/goddess that resides in all of creation. She has come to awaken all souls who desire to re-awaken to their own divinity. Her message is gentle, yet powerful: “Live in joy and in remembrance of who you truly are.” This CD was designed to activate and open up what is known as the core matrix within the divine original blueprint of each individual human being who is residing on the earth plane at this time. The power of this CD holds an extremely high vibrational frequency of love that allows the very cellular memory within your own DNA to be awakened to the memory of your divine connection to who you truly are. This CD works very similar in conjunction with bio scalar wave technology to assist an individual in ascending into their physical/spiritual self while in human embodiment. Therefore, understand the power of this message is subtle yet powerful, soothing yet potent, for this CD will assist the awakening of the memory of your original divine blueprint as a spirit in your true spiritual divine essence self. 

Soothing synthesizer music performed by Rob Shelley accompanies the truth teachings enhancing the meditative state and allowing the soul to finally come to a rest.

 The Twelve Mastery Teachings    
          of Christ  

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In the fall of 2003, Rev. Lea Chapin began to receive divinely inspired messages from Jesus Christ. These teachings are known as “The Twelve Mastery Teachings of Christ.” These teachings are God’s Truth Principles Christ taught during his ministry on earth over 2000 years ago. With God’s grace, Christ's desire is for humanity to reawaken to their own divinity and embrace embody His teachings in there fullest essence. Each mastery teachings holds and carries the vibrational essence of Christ’s Healing Power of Love.

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I. Love
II. Power
III. Truth
IV. Oneness
V. Enlightenment
VI. Forgiveness
VII. Hope
VIII. Faith
IX. Rejuvenation
X. Remembrance
XI. Peace
XII. Joy


Lea Chapin came into my life in early 2003. Her gift of being able to hear and convey the messages of our most beloved spiritual teachers, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, Kryon, St. Germaine and many others of the highest spiritual realm is truly phenomenal. Through participation in Lea’s classes and exposure to her writing, tapes and CDs, my spiritual focus has grown and matured exponentially. I would highly recommend listening many, many times to the tapes and CDs she has produced. Each time you will hear new information and the recorded information is ‘encoded’ on multiple levels with vibrational healing, even if you’re not aware of it. I look forward to many more years of learning from her ability, and appreciating her generosity in sharing her multiple spiritual talents with the rest of humanity.  
                                 Terese — IL



 Divine Union: The Story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene  
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An excerpt from Chapter One, In Jesus' own words: Love. It can be so powerfully moving. Magnificent to experience. Mystical in its inner workings. Even so deeply magical that its effect upon our lives can seem beyond belief at times. There are loves, and then there are great loves. And then there are the greatest loves of all time. So miraculous, in so many ways, that they had the ability to change the course of history itself. This is none other than that kind of love. Making this one of the greatest love stories of all time. The love story of myself, Yeshua, known to many of you as Jesus the Christ, and my dearly beloved twin flame, Mary Magdalene. This version of our story that you are about to experience firsthand, Dear Ones, is unique among all other stories ever written about us, because it has been narrated from our very own perspective. This is the story of our journeys throughout the course of our lives, first as treasured childhood friends, and then as passionately bonded husband and wife, candidly expressed to you in our own words. “In those early years, we were absolutely inseparable, and our parents would literally have to pry us apart at the end of the day. Even at that tender young age, we already felt a deep bond that we could not explain at that time in our lives. It wasn’t until later that we came to understand that spiritually, we were twin flames, each being the other half of the other one’s spirit, sharing the same greater soul essence.” We have chosen to lend our very own voices to our story at this time in history to awaken humanity to the truth of our sacred partnership as twin flames. For what has been portrayed about our lives historically has unfortunately been inaccurate in many accounts. We ask that you enjoy our love story with an open heart and an open mind as we finally unveil what has been hidden from mankind for over 2000 years.

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Saint Germain

Sir Francis Bacon resurrected?

Saint Germain is a legendary spiritual master of the ancient wisdom in the Theosophical and post-Theosophical teachings. He was responsible for the New Age culture of the Age of Aquarius and identified with the Count of St. Germain (fl. 1710–1784), who has been variously described as acourtier, adventurer, charlatan, inventor, alchemist, pianist, violinist and amateur composer. He is one of the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom and is credited with near god-like powers and with longevity.

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