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Joy is an emotion most people never experience. It constantly eludes them. That's because they believe joy is something they have to earn. But, joy is your natural state. You are born happy. You learn to be unhappy. Many people never really understand that happiness is something intangible that is born on the inside of us. We have come to believe that we must search for happiness, or earn it, or buy it, as though it is a rare and elusive jewel. We spend our days working hard so we can buy the lifestyle and possessions we believe will make us happy. We become what others want and expect so we will be loved. We see happiness as something outside of ourselves, something we want and need to acquire. Ironically, happiness does not come from your outer circumstances. Nor can it be purchased or owned. It isn't found in any lifestyle, relationship, family or possessions. And yet we all stubbornly continue to search for happiness within these places. So, if it doesn't bring you joy, why are you doing it?


Here is how your life was meant to be...your heart sings with joy and happiness...your life flows naturally and feel limitless possibiliies...wonderful serendipitous and synchronistic events happen to you and for you as they lead you to where you need to be...your relationships are healthly and feel safe, secure and loved and your prosperity  increases attracting abundance on many levels. How amazing would it be if you could do something  to invite  joy and hapinesss and love into your life RIGHT NOW!  I am here to help you embrace your spiritual divinity to live in joy and remembrance of who you truly are.

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You have within you the potent power to manifest anything you truly desire, simply through the energy of your thought, driven by the power of your feelings.  Manifesting is a natural bi-product of pure, uninterupted, unrefined thought aligned with feeling. The quality of what you manifest is only as good as your underlying feelings. Are you aware and intentional in what you create? Or has your reality developed from your instinctual, habitual, reactionary, random or accidental thoughts and beliefs?For most people, it is the latter.To manifest your desires more readily, you must maintain a higher vibration. Hold your vibration at its highest by letting go of negativity. Forgive everyone. Let go of judgement. Accept that you cannot change what was. But, you do have the power to change what is now!

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A powerful workshop of self-discovery and illumination, as  Rev. Lea reads your Akashic Records, which holds all your soul’s past life experiences, much the same as a computer. Discover how your past lives relate to your daily life  and life challenges.


  • Master your karma

  • Take control over your life

  • Remove blocks that hold you back from prosperity and joy

  • Move away from pain and difficulty toward harmony and peace of mind

  • Understand how your lifetimes still are held within your cellular memory, and how they currently affect you at this time


Lea Chapin, MS; Ed



Lea Chapin is like a breath of fresh clean crisp air! Her authenticity is pure and refreshing. She is such a delight to work with. She allows your interview to flow vs. controlling it. Lea Chapin cares about her listeners and wants to bring them current happenings to encourage them to follow their guides and be all they are designed to be. Twice I have been interviewed on Inspiration from Spirit Radio Show and Lea has also interviewed one of our Experts. Every interview Lea is engaging while educating us on how easy the flow of Spirit really is. It is such a delight working with Lea Chapin. I appreciate her open loving heart.

                                 Joanne Weiland--FL



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  • Book a Celestial Connections  workshop or seminar in your city. 

  • Host a private party with channeled readings by Rev. Lea.

  • Schedule a gallery reading (group reading for 10 or more) to receive messages
    from your loved ones who have crossed over.


  •  Available as a keynote speaker on a variety of metaphysical and spiritual topics.


If you host a workshop and readings, the host will receive a complimentary 1-hour
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I have been working with Lea Chapin for several years now and have experience many healing and beautiful sessions with her. But I want to share with the world my most recent experience through a spiritual healing with Lea. I had been struggling with intense joint and body pain for several months and not knowing the root cause I scheduled a session with Lea. I experienced a most beautiful healing as she channeled Christ to assist me. As I laid there and listened to Lea I actually felt the energy most intensely moving in both my legs. It was shifting and melding the right masculine side with the left feminine side. I truly knew that this is what was needed and felt immediate relief from the joint and muscle pain that I had been feeling for so many months. I am actually able to stand up straight and walk without limping! Thank you Lea for a most wonderful transformation! You truly are a beautiful spiritual healer and of such love and light! Much gratitude from my heart to yours!

                                  Bonnie Hebenstreit




Lea has been a valuable conduit for the

flow of love, clarity, insight  and inspirational words.  I believe that working with Spirit through Lea has dramatically accelerated my spiritual development and helped me understand my circumstances in a broader spiritual and more benevolent context.  Because of her dedication, my awareness and connection with Spirit are stronger.  I am learning to more clearly see the miracles of everyday life, and understand the responsibility of a second chance at achieving my life purpose.  I extend great appreciation

to her and to Spirit.    

                                    Dr. Nancy O.



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Divine Union: The Love Story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene is the long awaited revelation of Jesus and Mary Magdalene's powerful romance as told directly through Lea Chapin in their very own words!

Available in paperback $15*                                     in stock 

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Inspiration From Spirit was Rev. Lea Chapin’s ministry as heard on for the past 8 years. RadioEarNetwork is an independent, internet radio station. Our show was broadcast globally, including the world’s largest social radio network-BlogTalk Inspiration From Spirit consistently ranked in the top 2 shows on RadioEar Network. If you would like to listen to Lea's previous podcasts anytime at your convenience, please click on this link which will take you to and her most recent episodes.


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At the current time, Lea is no longer hosting a show.

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